Research policy analyses and strategies

Formas’ Analysis & Policy department is in charge of the agency’s environmental scanning, research policy analyses and positions, and international activities, and it manages analytical methods, models and bibliometrics.

Follows up and analyses operations

The department follows up, evaluates and analyses these operations. We also collaborate with other government agencies and research funders in our analysis and evaluation work. For example, we can conduct evaluations on the scientific quality, benefits or effects of internal processes, research programmes, research groups or other organisations. The department also investigates and analyses the areas in which there is a need for more research, both from a research perspective and from a societal perspective.

National and international research policies

This work is done at both national and international levels and involve developing background material and activities on issues that Formas considers important. The department also compiles background material and responses for investigations, commissions and government bills. An important part of our research policy efforts involves participation in international forums such as Science Europe, the Global Research Council, Belmont Forum and others. Formas also has a long-term plan for integrating gender equality perspectives in the agency’s activities and strategies as well as in the content of research.

Directs environmental scanning at Formas

Formas’ environmental scanning and analysis aim to ensure that Formas has the information necessary to run an efficient, forward-looking business. These efforts are coordinated by the environmental scanning group, which consists of representatives from all departments and is led by the Analysis & Policy department.

Updated:11 July 2022
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