Invoicing Formas

The following applies for suppliers who send invoices to Formas:

As of 1 April 2019, the law requires all purchases by a public-sector organisation to be invoiced electronically using an e-invoice. If you have an agreement with us that was signed before 1 April 2019 that does not require e-invoices, we still prefer that you submit e-invoices to us. We do not accept invoices in PDF format sent by e-mail.

Send an e-invoice via the PEPPOL network

  • Formas’ electronic address in PEPPOL is 0007:2021005232.
  • Formas’ service provider is Opus Capita.
  • Formas’ party ID is 2021005232 (Formas’ company registration number)

Send an e-invoice via the Invoice Portal

If you are not able to send an e-invoice in your company’s invoicing system, you can use the Invoice Portal. The Invoice Portal is a free online service for registering invoices. You do not need to install any software to use it.

Access the Invoice Portal External link.

Reference on your invoices

All invoices must state an invoice reference (4 letters) and the name of the requester or contact person at Formas or the Climate Policy Council. Invoices to the Climate Policy Council should be sent to Formas, to the attention of the Climate Policy Council.

Terms of payment

Formas pays invoices within 30 days as regulated in section 2a of the Interest Act (1975:635). We do not pay shipping costs or other charges related to invoicing. We charge interest and late payment fees according to section 3 of the Interest Act.

If you have any questions about invoicing, please contact us by e-mail at

You can read more about the legal requirements for supplier e-invoices External link. on the Agency for Digital Government website.

Other information invoices should contain

Read the legal guidance on invoice contents from the Swedish Tax Agency External link. (in Swedish).

Updated:22 March 2021
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