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The challenges we face today are many and complex, as anyone who’s familiar with sustainability issues can attest to. The need for change and a new mindset is huge. This holds true whether the challenge involves climate change, food issues, urban development, marine and water issues, environmental toxins, agriculture and forestry, or threatened ecosystems.

The research taking place today to develop a sustainable society is better than ever, both in Sweden and beyond our borders – research that provides knowledge, ideas and new solutions so that we can solve major global challenges.

With Extrakt, we hope to create a bridge between research and the wider society to ensure that new knowledge reaches out and makes a real-world impact. We want to bring this research and our current challenges to the fore. We are eager to spark interest, debate and engagement.

Extrakt is an online magazine for curious people who want to stay updated on the latest research. It can be read and understood by anyone with an interest in research within Formas’ areas of activity.

//Cathrine Beijer, Editor-in-chief and publisher

Extrakt is published by the Swedish Research Council Formas.

Updated:16 June 2020
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