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Knowledge builds a sustainable world

Current calls

International network grant for the SDGs

Achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) is now less than ten years away. All countries need to support the sustainable transformation, and international collaboration must be strengthe...
Current: 81 Days left. Apply before:2021-09-02 14:00

Smart Built Environment – Innovations Ideas

Apply for funding to further develop previous ideas that now require smaller-scale testing for implementation or scale-up. In this call, you can apply for a maximum of 300,000 kronor in funding. The r...
Current: 86 Days left. Apply before:2021-09-07 14:00

Urgent call for proposals 2021 – Ensuring the future availability of data or research materials

In this urgent call, Formas welcomes applications within any of its areas of responsibility that show an urgent need to ensure future availability of primary research data, such as measurement data an...
Current: 137 Days left. Apply before:2021-10-28 14:00

The Green Transition and Working Life

Greater knowledge is required about how the green transition is likely to affect working life. Formas, together with Forte, Sweden’s research council for health, working life and welfare, now aims to...
Current: 2 Days left. Apply before:2021-06-15 14:00

Blue Innovation – Preparatory Projects 2021

Water is fundamental to all life, and all types of water – groundwater, freshwater and seawater – are interconnected. We know that the way we make use of our oceans and water today is not sustainable,...
Current: 80 Days left. Apply before:2021-09-01 14:00




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