Formas' Scientific Council

Formas' Scientific Council consists of thirteen members. Seven members are elected by an electoral community of researchers from Swedish universities and university collegues. The government appoints the chairman and another five members.

Formas Scientific Council

Chairman 2022-2024

Sylvia Schwaag Serger, professor at Lund University's Department of Economic History.

Members 2022-2024

  • Berit Balfors, professor of environmental analysis, Royal Institute of Technology
  • David Bastviken, professor of environmental science, Linköping University
  • Helena Bjarnegård, national architect, Housing Authority
  • Ola Hansén, director of public affairs, H2 Green Steel
  • Kerstin Johannesson, professor of marine ecology, University of Gothenburg
  • Johan Kuylenstierna, Director General, Formas
  • Rolf Lidskog, professor of sociology, Örebro University
  • Hans Lind, professor of real estate economics, formerly at Royal Institute of Technology 
  • Ove Nilsson, professor of forest genetics and plant physiology, Swedish University of Agriculture
  • Christina Nordin, Director General, Swedish Board of Agriculture
  • Björn Olsen, professor of infectious diseases, Uppsala University
  • Camilla Sandström, professor of political science, Umeå University
Updated:31 January 2023
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