Report in Prisma

A final financial and scientific report is required for grants awarded before 2016 via Prisma. The final reporting of a project means that the recipient of a project grant (grant recipient/project leader) must report both the project results and project costs.

What must be included in the final report?

The following material must be compiled:
1. Financial report
2. Scientific report 

1. Financial report

In the financial report, the expenditure of the grant recipient for projects funded by Formas is to be set out. The financial report must comprise all expenditure for the part of the project funded by Formas. The accuracy of the data is to be verified by the signature of the appropriate authorised signatory and the project leader. 

The items of expenditure are to be given exclusive of VAT if the grant recipient has the right to offset VAT incurred in the project. Otherwise the items are to be given inclusive of VAT incurred.

The following financial information shall be reported via Prisma (applies to grants awarded as from 2016) 

Prisma’s user manual contains information describing how to do the reporting:

Repayment of surplus
Unused grant funds reported in the final financial report shall be repaid to Formas. A surplus equivalent to a maximum of half a base amount may be retained and used for research purposes similar to those intended with the grant. If the surplus exceeds half a base amount it shall be repaid in full to Formas, Bank Giro Account No 5105-2140. Please quote that the payment is regarding unused grant funds and the project number as reference. 

2. Scientific report

The scientific report is done by the recipient of a project grant (grant recipient/project leader).

There are three different forms:

Prisma’s user manual contains information describing how to do the reporting:

The Formas project catalogue

All reported projects can be found in the Project catalogue. The Formas project catalogue is a searchable service that makes all currently funded Formas projects and grant matters searchable. The system primarily contains information in Swedish. The project database obtains its information from the Formas administrative system. This information consists partly of the details submitted by the researchers themselves and partly of information that Formas has added following the various decision-making processes. 


In cases where the original application has not been submitted using the Formas application system (Formas Direct or Prisma) the report must be submitted according to the instructions and sent by email to Do not send publications, books or other form of reporting to Formas.

Kenth Hermansson