Formas' annual open call

Review panels

Formas funds research of the highest scientific quality to contribute to ecologically, economically and socially sustainable development. The reviewers in the evaluation panels have the competence to assess social science, humanities, natural science and technical research within Formas’ areas of responsibility.

Illustration Formas Open Call

The same application may be relevant to several panels, but will be evaluated by the panel comprised of the reviewers with the most appropriate competence. The panels also evaluate interdisciplinary research (crossing subject boundaries) and transdisciplinary research (bridging research and societal boundaries).

The research that is supported must be of the highest scientific quality and have the potential to be of benefit to society in the short-term or long-term and may apply to all levels of society. Formas strives to promote equality between women and men and for the importance of gender and other critical perspectives to be included in the recognised in the research.