How Formas is managing COVID-19


Formas is closely following COVID-19 developments and is adapting to the circumstances at hand. Are goal is that the calls that offer funding from 2020 and onwards to be implemented as planned.

We are aware of the many issues now arising from the current circumstances. Right now we are working intensively so that we can continue to carry out our work in a professional way.

We will update the information on this page continuously as we map out how the work should be done and any changes it could entail.

– We are taking the situation seriously and are doing our utmost to ensure that business continues to take place in a professional manner, says Ingrid Petersson, Director General at Formas.

The application deadline for Formas' annual open call has been extended two weeks to April 16 2020,14.00. The date for decision is still November 18.

In view of the current situation, Formas’ Research Council has decided to reopen its urgent call as soon as possible. When the call opens, it will be published on the call page.

We understand that the corona situation can affect the circumstances in ongoing projects. We are now reviewing the ways we can extend the availability period and what decision support Formas needs in order to decide on changes and extensions of a project’s implementation. We are also investigating how to handle an extension of the reporting period.

As soon as we know more, we will publish more information on this page.

The calls that will proceed to the decision-making phase in the spring will be reviewed online. The dates previously announced for each review meeting are still standing. Formas is now preparing for a fully digital process in which review panel members manage the review process online. Of course, we will ensure that we maintain the same high quality in the review procedure as before.

If you are a panel member in a Formas call, we will contact you for more information.

It is important that we maintain continuity of research. Our goal is for the calls that offer funding from 2020 onwards to be implemented as planned.

Analyses, evaluations and systematic research reviews that we are commissioned to carry out will continue as planned.

Collaboration is vital for Formas. We are therefore conducting our meetings online. Check back on each event’s web page for more information about specific events.

Universities and funding organisations across Europe are under pressure, which is why several of our international calls have changed timetables. We are noting that several international calls are extending their application deadlines.

We will update the information about each call as soon as we learn of a change.

The information on this site will be updated


Updated:20 March 2020