Workshop within JPI Europe

2019-11-21 to 2019-10-22

JPI Urban Europe invites to a multi- and interdisciplinary workshop on the topic "Unfolding dilemmas in urban public space development and maintainance: Consequences for policy and research and innovation".

The workshop is set in Riga, Latvia 21-22 november. Last date to register is the 25 october 2019. Register here.external link


Onsdag 20 November
16.00, guided tour in Riga on the topic of public space
19.00, Joint dinner

Torsdag 21 November
Kl 09.00–17.00, workshop: Dilemmas of public space

More Information
Date: 21 November 2019 - 22 October 2019
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Place: Riga Lettland
Updated:18 October 2019