Receiving a decision on your application

When Formas has taken a decision on your application, the project manager will receive a message in their account in Prisma, our application system. Each call states when you can expect to receive an answer. The Council’s funding decision cannot be appealed.

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You receive an assessment with your answer

The project manager will receive a message in their personal account in our application system, Prisma. The decision is accompanied by the review panel’s assessment.

If your application was for an urgent grant, we will send the decision only, without the assessment.

Some applications are rejected early

We already reject some applications before they proceed to the review panels. This is called early rejection. There are various reasons for an early rejection. Some reasons are relevant regardless of the type of call, while other reasons are specific to a particular type of call or project.

Reasons for rejection that apply to any type of call

The following reasons are examples of why we might reject an application, regardless of the type of call:

  • The administrating organisation (college, university or any other organisation) has chosen not to support the application.
  • The administrating organisation has not signed the application.
  • The applicant has received funding previously but has not submitted the report on time. Until this report is submitted, the project manager cannot be granted new funding.
  • The application is incomplete. Required information is missing on the application form or in the appendices.
  • The research focus of the application is outside Formas’ remit (our official areas of responsibility).

Special reasons for rejection

Special reasons for rejecting an application early are described here according to the different types of calls. Some reasons apply for the annual open call, while other reasons apply for other calls, such as targeted calls.

In regard to the annual open call, an application can be rejected early for these reasons, in addition to the reasons for any type of call:

  • If your application does not fall within Formas’ areas of responsibility and the scope of the call.
  • Your application does not meet the requirements described in the section “applicant and organisation requirements”.
  • It contains procedural errors or is incomplete, meaning that it lacks the necessary information in the application form. The basic requirements that must be met in this call can be found in the section “Applicant and organisation requirements”.
  • It has not been signed within 7 days or is rejected by the administrating organisation.
  • The main applicant has not finalised their reporting for completed projects in any of Formas’ other calls.
  • The main applicant has applied for more than one million per year, on average.

In regard to special calls, an application can be rejected early if the application clearly falls outside the scope of the special call.

Updated:22 May 2023