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In Formas’ environmental analysis operations, we review and synthesize research studies to support you in your work with the Swedish environmental objectivesexternal link. To ensure that your work is as useful as possible, we invite you to suggest questions or topics where you need more information to make wise environmental decisions. Submit your suggestion using the form at the end of this page.

We create syntheses in the form of so-called systematic reviews that contain conclusions about what the aggregate research says about a question. If a broader area is involved, we will instead create so-called systematic maps. Systematic maps describe the available research about a topic and identify knowledge gaps.

It takes us roughly two years to complete a systematic review or systematic map. Questions that require a quick response are therefore not suitable for such a review or map.

We mainly address questions that concern a certain effect that an action or impact has on some factor in the environment. For example, previous questions we have responded to include: How effectient are constructed wetlands in retaining nitrogen and phosphorus? How is mountain vegetation affected by reindeer foraging? You can read similar questions on the websites of the Mistra Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Managementexternal link and the Environmental Evidence Journalexternal link.

We aim to ensure that the overviews and maps are as objective and transparent as possible while minimising the risk of distorted results. Therefore, we follow the international guidelines for environmental reviews and maps established by the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE)external link. This means that we conduct a highly comprehensive literature search to find all the studies that can help answer a question. We also assess the relevance of the studies to the question at hand and the reliability of the results.

All proposals are prioritised by the environmental objectives working group, a group of experts from government agencies and county administrative boards that have oversight responsibilities for the environmental objectives. The council for evidence-based environmental analysis at Formas then decides which systematic reviews and maps we will create.

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Updated:2 May 2019