Environmental analysis

The Department for Analysis and Policy produces Formas evidence-based environmental analyses. That means to gather and analyse the results of environmental research so that it can be used to help achieve the Swedish environmental objectives. This task is governed by the Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Analysis.

Analyses support municipalities and government agencies in their environmental work

Formas compiles and analyzes research relevant to Swedish environmental efforts. These systematic reviews and maps act as scientific decision-making support for municipalities, government agencies and other stakeholders that develop and decide on environmental policy instruments and measures.

Our task also includes the following actions:

  • Identify instruments and measures whose effects are not fully understood.
  • Examine the knowledge needs of agencies and municipalities around the information being compiled.
  • Summarise international reviews, comment on them from a Swedish perspective and make them available to a Swedish audience.

In our work, we have ongoing contact with government agencies, decision makers, companies, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders. It is important that our analyses come into use, therefore it is possible to suggest questions and areas to address.

The systematic reviews are objective

Systematic reviews follow a rigorous scientific methodology with a distinct scheme and transparency. The purpose of such a review is to provide as objective and accurate a response as possible to a specific research question.

How the process works

In dialogue with our stakeholders, a question that is relevant to people involved in achieving the Swedish environmental objectives is formulated. Next, we identify all relevant studies that exist in a particular area. We then review each study in terms of quality. Finally, we compile the results of the studies we judge to be of sufficient quality into a single knowledge base.

To ensure a high level of scientific excellence, we involve external groups of subject matter experts in the work on each review. Here you can read more about the process.

The Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Analysis

The Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Analysis is the governing body for our work. The Council decides which evaluations, analyses and compilations of environmental research should be made and what conclusions to make.

Council members

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