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Water JPI 2016 Joint Call For Transnational Collaborative Research Projects

Last day of application: 19/04/2016

Day of decision: Preliminary 23/02/2017

WaterJPI has opened a second ”cofund”call within ERA-Net Cofund WaterWorks 2015. The call is a collaboration between Water JPI and FACCE JPI and focuses on the sustainable management of water resources within farming, forestry and freshwater aquaculture. The call consortium comprises 25 funding agencies from 22 countries. The total budget is approximately 26 million Euro, i.e. just over SEK 240 million. The Formas contribution to the total budget is SEK 15 million over the period 2017-2019.

Main topics of the call

Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture, forestry and freshwater aquaculture sectors by

  • Increasing the efficiency and resilience of water uses;
  • Monitoring and reducing soil and water pollution;
  • Integrating social and economic dimensions into the sustainable management and governance of water resources.

The call process takes place in two steps; the deadline for step 1 (overview-application) is 19 April 2016 (17.00 h CET) and the deadline for step 2 (completed application) is 28 September 2016 17.00 h CET.
OBS! Changed date from 15 September. Projects are expected to begin in March-April 2017.

The application should be written in English and submitted electronically. Information and guidelines describing the application process are available on the call webpage

Requirements for applicants from Sweden

What funding can be applied for

Support can be granted to research projects within the framework of all three topics of the call. Grants can be sought for costs that are associated with the execution of the project, such as salary costs for researchers or doctoral students, travel, conferences and workshops, sample collection, analysis, equipment under SEK 500,000, premises and other related costs (but not for scholarships or education grants for research students). Grants can also be sought for costs related to publication in Open Access journals. Note that researchers who receive funding from Formas must guarantee that their research results will be available through Open Access within six months of publication.

Guidelines for funding amounts

The project duration must be between 24 and 36 months and the total budget per project may not exceed 1.5 million Euro (just over SEK 14 million).

For Swedish PIs or PI/Coordinators there are no restrictions with regard to funding applied for. The applicant must coordinate his or her application with the other participants in the consortium. It is important that the total amount applied for by a consortium, with at least 3 participating countries, does not exceed 1.5 million Euro.

Who can apply

The project leader must have a doctoral degree. The grant may only be administered by a Swedish university, university college, research institute or authorities with research assignments. See the link “Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations” below.

Each consortium must consist of at least 3 PIs from different countries that are members of the call consortium, one of the 3 PIs can also be a coordinator. From Sweden the applicants from the same grant administrating organisation must belong to a PI. Several Swedish applicant PIs from different grant administrating organisations may be part of one consortium if the consortium also includes PIs from two other countries. An applicant PI who is also a coordinator cannot participate in any other consortium or project, either as a PI or as a coordinator.

The challenges faced by society necessitate a multidisciplinary approach. For that reason all applications must endeavour to include participants in the consortium from stakeholder groups and describe how the results will be disseminated and utilised. The participants from stakeholder groups may be “subcontractors” to a PI. Participating stakeholder groups may also be applicant PIs if the funding source supports these groups. Formas does not grant funding to stakeholder groups or companies applying for project funding as a PI or coordinator.

Granted funding

Evaluation of all of the applications submitted to the WaterWorks2015 Secretariat will be performed by international experts and the highest ranked applications will be discussed at a meeting in the autumn of 2016. Following evaluation and discussion, the international review panel will recommend the highest-ranked applications for funding. Each funding body has the final decision about granting funding to the respective PI/Coordinator. The Formas Scientific Council is expected to reach its decisions in February 2017. Grant award decisions cannot be appealed. The funding awarded will be made public after the funding body has reached its decisions in the spring of 2017. Projects are expected to begin in March-April 2017.

Reporting of projects awarded funding

Each project awarded funding must submit a project report to Formas in the form of a financial and popular science summary in compliance with the decision.


Applications are submitted via the electronic platform provided by the WaterWorks2015 Secretariat. The link and instructions for using the platform can be found on the call webpage, see above.

When Swedish participants receive notification from the WaterWorks2015 Secretariat that they have been recommended for funding, the Swedish participants will then be invited to submit the same application to Formas. This is done using Prisma. Information about what must be submitted and how will be provided in the invitation that will be issued in the middle of December 2016.

Swedish projects WaterJPI 2016 Joint Call

Swedish projects WaterJPI 2016 Joint Call (Only in Swedish)


Formas General instructions
Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations
Formas instructions for using Prisma
Prisma user support
Apply for grants (in Prisma)

Contact information


Kristina Laurell, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 59
E-mail: kristina.laurell@formas.se

For general questions about the call and the application process, including technical and administrative questions, contact the WaterWorks2015 Secretariat for the call at the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology), Portugal:

WaterWorks2015 Secretariat

Germana Santos or Rui Munhá
E-mail: ww2015@fct.pt

Kristina Laurell