Turning research into practice – methods and tools

Last day of application: Prel. 02/04/2019

Day of decision: Prel. 26/09/2019

Formas will open a call on how methods and tools can be developed to contribute to how research results can be transformed into practice and have a societal impact within the area of sustainable spatial planning. It will be possible to apply for projects up to two years for a maximum of SEK 2 million. In total Formas will fund SEK 20 million for 2019-2020. The call will open on February 7.

A webinar about the call will be arranged February 14 at 10:00 CET.

The project should relate to the areas prioritized in the research agenda Forskning för ett integrerat och hållbart samhällsbyggande and build upon results from an ongoing or previously ended research project. These does not have to been financed by Formas.

The projects should also use existing knowledge and theory about the implementation of research into practice. Research institutions, local authorities and other public authorities will be eligible to apply for funding.   

The results for the funded projects should be used for different sorts of actors, such as municipalities, national agencies, companies or NGO's as well as other researchers.

Contact information

Hanna Ridefelt, Senior Research Officer
Phone: +46(0)8-775 40 25
E-mail: hanna.ridefelt@formas.se

Sara Paglia, Research Administrator
Phone: +46(0)72-451 33 55
E-mail: sara.paglia@formas.se

Hanna Ridefelt