The impacts of extreme weather events on people, society and nature: heat waves, droughts and forest fires

Last day of application: 14:00, 29/11/2018

Day of decision: 07/02/2019

Climate change means that certain kinds of natural events are becoming more common as well as more extreme, which often also leads to difficult social disturbances. In view of this and the extreme weather events of the past summer, both in Sweden and abroad, Formas initiates a call that allows a number of projects on how extreme weather conditions affect people, society and nature, to be launched in the next few years. The call is now open.

Issues related to the theme concern a wide range of social actors and have many sustainability aspects. Examples of relevant topics are those that in various ways relate to vulnerability, preventive measures, crisis management, security of supply, protection of natural environments, biodiversity issues, etc.

Given that extreme weather and climate-related natural disasters are pervasive events that can be understood from many different perspectives, Formas strives to obtain a wide range of applications from different research disciplines and fields. Cross-disciplinary approaches are encouraged.

The call will enable several multi-annual research projects. The investment amounts to a total of 15 million SEK, spread over three years. Applications are scheduled for rapid preparation with reference to the subject matter.

Call text

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The impacts of extreme weather events

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Björn Wallsten, Senior Research Officer

Åsa Frisk, Senior Research Officer

Björn Wallsten