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Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative (SUGI): Food-Water-Energy Nexus Call

Last day of application: 15/03/2017

Day of decision: Preliminary 05/02/2018

Update 21/12/2016: Web broadcast from information seminar. Pre-Announcement of the new JPI Urban Europe and Belmont Forum call for transnational research proposals about sustainable urbanisation with focus on food, water and energy.

The Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative – Food-Water-Energy Nexus, SUGI-FWE Nexus for short, was established by the Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe in order to bring together the fragmented research and innovation expertise across the globe to find innovative new solutions to the Food-Water-Energy (FWE) Nexus challenge. SUGI-FWE Nexus aims to develop more resilient, applied urban solutions that build on research and innovation efforts from across the globe, and which will benefit a much wider range of global markets. SUGI-FWE Nexus is supported by the European Commission and funded under the Horizon 2020 ERA-NET Cofund scheme.

The Swedish funding agencies participating and cooperating in the call are Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

The call opens on December 9th 2016 and closes on March 15th 2017 at 19.00 CET.

The projects funded by the call must be transnational and submitted by a project consortium consisting of at least three eligible applicants from at least three participating countries. It is strongly encouraged that consortia contain at least two independent applicants eligible for funding from two different EU member states or associated countries and at least one applicant from another country participating in this call in order to be able to take advantage of the funds provided by the European Commission.

All projects must integrate across the natural sciences (including engineering), and social sciences (including humanities) and clearly engage stakeholders and demonstrate user needs relevant to the project goals.

Projects must address all three sectors food, water and energy by an integrative approach. Formas participates in the call with a budget of 15 million kronor, and Swedish project partners are able to apply within all three of the call themes:  

  • Robust Knowledge, Indicators and Assessments
  • Multi-level Governance and Management of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus
  • Managing Potential Strategies and Solutions to address emerging Risk and Tradeoffs at the intersection of Sustainable Urbanisation and the Food-Water-Energy Nexus

Formas rules for applications

To be eligible to apply for grants at Formas, the main applicants and participating researchers must have a doctoral degree. Other people participating in the project (e.g. doctoral students, technicians, lab assistants) do not need to have a doctoral degree. Grants for research projects can only be administered by a Swedish university, university college or other Swedish public organisation that fulfils the grant administrating organisation eligibility requirements of Formas.

Project grants from Formas may be used for the financing of salary for researchers, doctoral students and technical staff (including social-security contributions). Grants may also be used to finance running costs (e.g. consumables, equipment under 500 kSEK, travel, conferences, publications in open access journals), equipment depreciation costs and premises costs.

For existing employment positions, the current salary at the time of application (including social-security contributions) must be used for each of the subsequent years. For new employment positions, the starting salary at the grant administrating organisation must be used for each subsequent year. Note that the total salary costs awarded by Formas for an individual researcher, doctoral student or other member of the project may never exceed 100 per cent of a full-time position. There is no age limit for applicants, but fully retired researchers cannot obtain funds for their salary from Formas.

Please see also Formas General instructions.

Information seminar

Information seminar together with the Swedish Energy Agency and IQ Samhällsbyggnad. (Only in Swedish)

More information

Please see the JPI Urban Europe website for the call text, more information about the call and how to apply.

Please also see the coordinated Swedish website for SUGI.

Contact information


Ann Rodenstedt, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Phone: +46 (0)72 554 94 77

The Swedish Energy Agency

Maria Alm
Phone: +46 (0)16 544 21 43

Ann Rodenstedt