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Pre-proposals for Nordic Centres of Excellence: "Advancing the bioeconomy transition in the Nordic region"

Last day of application: 16/03/2016

Day of decision: Preliminary 15/12/2016

The Nordic Bioeconomy Programme is a collaborative effort between Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and NordForsk. The overall aim of the programme is to produce new knowledge on how to foster and advance the transition to a bioeconomy-based society in the Nordic countries by integrating research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The programme has a total budget of NOK 90 million and aims to fund three Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs).

Funding will be granted for a maximum of five years. The call text and guidelines for applicants with full details can be found on the NordForsk website.

Submissions of proposals will follow a two-step procedure, and the submission of step-1 proposals closes on 16 March 2016 (14:00 CET). Projects are expected to start in the beginning of 2017.

Contact information


Karin Perhans, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 36

Karin Perhans