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Oden to the Arctic Ocean 2018

Last day of application: 14/04/2016

Day of decision: 26/10/2016

Swedish and US agencies are planning for a joint expedition into the Arctic Ocean in 2018. The involved agencies are the US National Science Foundation (NSF), Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agriculture and Spatial Planning (FORMAS). All agencies contribute to the operations of the Oden and Swedish Polar Research Secretariat will be the responsible operator. NSF is responsible for selecting the US research projects. The Swedish research projects shall apply for funding in the 2016 open calls by VR and FORMAS or to other competitive research funding organizations.

Access to the expedition will be tied to research funding for a specific project planned to utilize the Oden in the high-Arctic and/or on Odens transit to and from the Arctic. Projects should be funded by VR, FORMAS or other competitive funding organizations. Swedish projects with dedicated funding from VR and FORMAS to this expedition will be given priority. During the expedition planning, special attention will also be given to funded projects on VR and Swedish Polar Research Secretariat joint roadmap for polar research. See: SWEDARCTIC and SWEDARP

Depending on availability other funded projects may be granted access.

Projects applying for and receiving funding later than 2016 could be given space on the Oden. This will depend on availability and if the projects fit into expedition plans. VR and FORMAS foresee applications for individual projects addressing a well-defined research question. Multi-project applications will not be accepted. Projects being linked should high-light the linkages in the applications. Complementarity and compatibility of projects will be taken into consideration. The evaluation process will follow the regular procedure of VR and FORMAS.

The involved funding agencies (VR, FORMAS and NSF) have agreed to work towards coordinating their project evaluations. However, projects will be funded by the agency to which the application is sent and there is no agreement on cross-border funding. Hence, projects having both Swedish and US partners must apply in both countries for funding of their respective research.

Projects may include participants from outside US and Sweden.

Final decision on the expedition’s priorities, route and participating projects will be in discussion between participating agencies following the project evaluations. The number of projects finally accepted on the 2018 cruise will be limited by ship time and ship space, and that they are mutually combinable onboard (i.e. depending on geographic area of interest, methods, equipment, etc). Thus, projects scientifically qualified for funding must undergo a coordination procedure before final decision on ship time, which will be made by Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.

Applicants should note that there has already been a joint US-Swedish planning workshop for the Oden cooperation. The outcome from this workshop can be found here

Specifically for Formas

Applicants that intend to submit a research proposal to Formas annual open call 2016 with the aim to use Oden as a research infrastructure in 2018 will need to contact Linda Bergqvist Ampel before submission.

Contact information

The Swedish Research Council FORMAS
Linda Bergqvist Ampel
08-775 40 62

Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Ulf Jonsell
08-450 25 13

Swedish Research Council
Magnus Friberg
08-546 44 122

Linda Bergqvist Ampel