Calls on research and innovation in the area of animal health and welfare

Last day of application: Prel. 25/04/2019

Day of decision: Prel. 25/09/2019

Formas will open two calls in the areas of animal health and welfare.

Research projects

36 million crowns will be announced for research projects with aim to improve the animal health and welfare. The research can for instance focus on giving scientific base to judgement of the compliance of animal welfare regulations, to improve the legality and fairness of controls or examine the economic consequences of reduced levels of animal welfare. The projects can have a duration of three years, with a maximum budget of six million Swedish crowns per project.

Innovation projects

Six million crowns will be announced for projects focused on improving the animal welfare. The aim of the call is to develop a process, a product or a concept that promote the welfare of animals held by humans. The projects can have a duration of one year.

For further information about the calls, please contact: Johanna van Schaik Dernfalk