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ERA4CS Joint Call on Researching and Advancing Climate Services Development

Last day of application: Note new deadline 30/06/2016

Day of decision: Preliminar 28/02/2017

”European Research Area for Climate Services” (ERA4CS), an ERA-NET on climate services has opened a call for international research collaborations to support research that will advance the development of climate services. The call consortium involves 45 partners, 15 research funding organisations and 30 research performing organisations, from 18 different countries. The total budget is 72 million Euros, corresponding to approximately 670 million SEK. The Swedish Research Council Formas participates in the call with a budget of 20 million SEK.

Main topics of the call

The call has two topics:

Topic A where 13 research funding organisations from different countries announce funding for research projects focusing on ”Advanced co-development with users”. Formas participates within this sub call with funding to Swedish researchers of 20 million SEK for 2017-2019.

Applicants should address one or several of the following themes:

  • A.1: Research in support of the development and deployment of Climate Services
  • A.2: Integration and application of Climate Services for decision making
  • A.3: Research for co-development of advanced Climate Services

Topic B focuses on ”Institutional integration” and is open to the 30 research performing organisations, who participates in the ERA4CS with in-kind contributions.

The complete call text and instructions on how to participate are available on the ERA4CS web page,

Requirements for applicants from Sweden

What funding can be applied for

Support can be granted to research projects within the framework of all three themes presented under Topic A of the call. Grants can be sought for costs that are associated with the execution of the project, such as salary costs for researchers or doctoral students, travel, conferences and workshops, sample collection, analysis, equipment under SEK 500,000, premises and other related costs (but not for scholarships or education grants for research students). Grants can also be sought for costs related to publication in Open Access journals. Note that researchers who receive funding from Formas must guarantee that their research results will be available through Open Access within six months of publication.

Guidelines for funding amounts

The budget for Swedish Principal Investigators (PIs) should not exceed three million SEK. Swedish researchers that aim to apply as coordinators for a consortium can apply for up to five million SEK.

Who can apply

Swedish PIs and participating researchers must have a doctoral degree. The grant may only be administered by a Swedish university, university college, research institute or authorities with research assignments. See Formas general instructions as well as Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations.

Each consortium must consist of at least three PIs from three different countries. From Sweden applicants from the same grant administrating organisation must belong to one PI. Several Swedish PIs from different grant administrating organisations may be part of one consortium if the consortium also includes PIs from two other countries.

Granted funding

Evaluation of all applications submitted to the ERA4CS call will be performed by international experts. Following evaluation the international review panel will recommend the highest-ranked applications for funding. Each funding body has the final decision about granting funding to their respective PIs. The funding awarded will be made public after all funding organisations has reached their decision. Formas Scientific Council is expected to reach its decisions in February 2017. Grant award decisions cannot be appealed. Projects are expected to start during spring 2017.

Reporting of projects awarded funding

Each Swedish PI awarded funding must submit a financial and scientific report to Formas when the project has ended.


The call process takes place in two steps; the deadline for step 1 (overview-application) is 30 June 2016 and the deadline for step 2 (completed application) is 15 November 2016. Projects are expected to begin in spring 2017.

Applications are submitted via the electronic platform provided by the call secretariat ANR (L'Agence nationale de la recherche). The link to the platform and instructions for how to submit a proposal will be available at the ERA4CS web page when the platform has been launched at the “Adaptation Futures” conference in Rotterdam on May 10, 2016.

Swedish PIs that will be granted funding in the ERA4CS call will be invited to submit their successful application to Formas. This is done using Prisma. Information about the submission will be provided in the invitation.


Formas General instructions
Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations

Contact information


Linda Bergqvist Ampel, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 62