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Conferences and workshops

Last day of application: 08/06/2016

Day of decision: 27/09/2016

Formas announces a grant funding call to support the costs of organising scientific conferences and workshops (called “meetings” below) within the areas of responsibility of Formas. The meeting must be of high scientific quality, which must be ensured by a scientific committee. Formas prioritises meetings held in Sweden, meetings where Formas’ areas of responsibility are central, and interdisciplinary meetings.

Decision list (only in Swedish)

The funding that can be applied for

The grant may be used to cover travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of participants, first and foremost participants from other countries, as well as organisational costs (e.g. meeting venue). The grant may not be used to support overhead costs and salary costs for organizers or for invited speakers/participants. The grant may not be used to support registration costs for conference participants.

Guidelines for funding amounts

The guideline amounts for grant funding are a maximum of SEK 200 000 for a larger conference (more than 200 participants) and a maximum of SEK 30 000 for a smaller workshop (fewer than 30 participants).

Who can apply? 

The grant administrating organisation may only be a Swedish university, university college, and research institute or government agency with a research mandate. A doctoral degree is not a requirement when applying for funding to organise meetings.

What the application must contain

  • Information about the scientific purpose(s) of the meeting and how this/these apply to Formas’ areas of responsibility. This should also contain to what extent the meeting will concern Formas’ areas of responsibility.
  • The preliminary programme for the meeting.
  • A description of the scientific committee and the organising committee.
  • A list of the invited speakers, including titles, organisational affiliations and relevant competences. Also describe why these speakers are relevant for the scientific purposes of the meeting.
  • A description of the value of the meeting for communication, collaboration and novelty within the area.
  • The anticipated number of participants.
  • The time and place of the meeting, as well as budget and the CV of the applicant(s).

Evaluation of the application

Formas reviews the applications for conferences and workshops. Where relevant the applications are also evaluated by external reviewers. The application is evaluated according to:

  • The composition of the scientific committee and the degree of independence from the meeting organizers, in proportion to the size of the meeting.
  • The international aspect of the meeting, in relation to its scientific purpose(s).
  • The explicitly expressed advancement and novelty of the meeting within the research area.
  • The explicitly expressed value of the meeting for communication and collaboration within the area.

Granted funding

When funding is awarded for a meeting it is expected that a representative of Formas is invited to attend the meeting. It is also expected that the arranger announces the meeting in a suitable manner and clearly acknowledges that Formas has provided funding for the event. Decisions about grant awards are not subject to appeal.

Note that the Formas Handbook 2015 does not apply for this call. 

Application in Prisma

The application system Prisma is used for this call. Below you find guidelines to facilitate entering the application into Prisma. You find a link to Prisma at the bottom of the page and also a link to the user support for Prisma.

Basic information 

  • The project duration may be a maximum of 10 months with earliest project start after the decision meeting in February. Basic information also includes title and abstract.

Project information 

  • Information on the scientific purpose(s) of the meeting: In addition to the scientific purpose of the meeting, this section should contain how the meeting concerns Formas areas of responsibility and to what extent.
  • Description of the scientific and organising committee: The description of the committees must include name, title, organisational affiliation and a brief summary of the competence of the individual members.
  • List of the invited speakers: State the name, title, organisational affiliation and a brief summary of the competence of each of the invited speakers. 
  • Description of the value of the meeting for communication, collaboration and novelty within the area, and time, place and expected number of participants are also a part of the Project information section in Prisma.


  • State the amount that is being applied for from Formas, divided into running costs and costs for premises. Running costs may for example be costs for invited speakers and other costs related to the conference. In this field a description is stated of which type of cost this is.   
  • Note that indirect costs including overhead costs must not be entered, as Formas will not grant funding for overhead costs in this call.    

Ethical considerations  

  • These are stated only when relevant to the organisation of the meeting. Read more in the Formas General instructions for applicants (link at the bottom of the page).


  • Select the subject area and add a subheading. Then select at least one SCB code with two sub-levels to create the combined code (a maximum of three combined SCB codes can be selected). Finally, select at least one, and at most three, key word(s) that describe the project.


  • Upload an appendix containing the provisional programme. The appendix may be structured as a table, continuous text, image or equivalent.
  • Upload an appendix with a detailed budget describing how costs have been calculated and distributed across different financial sources. Show the entire budget for the conference in this budget description. Under the Budget tab in Prisma enter the sum being applied for from Formas (see more information under the heading Budget).

Grant administrating organisations

  • Select your grant administrating organisation and add the project department or institute. Read more about the Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations.
  • Approved grant administrating organisations are listed in a selectable menu field in Prisma. If your educational institution is not included in the list, contact your institution as it must create an organisation account in Prisma.
  • When your application has been registered your administrating organisation will automatically receive your application for approval. The administrating organisation then has seven days to assign your application to an authorized representative for signature.

Review panels

  • No choice available. The review panel is selected by Formas.


  • Participating researchers (previously co-applicants) and participating administrators are invited to participate in the application via Prisma. Important considerations when inviting other participants are:
  • The participant his/herself must be registered in Prisma.
  • The email address of the participant must be the same address registered for the participant in Prisma.


  • Employment positions - at least one employment position must be entered
  • Postdoctoral positions - a maximum of three postdoctoral positions may be entered, but are not mandatory as a research education is not a requirement.
  • Research exchange positions - not relevant for this call.
  • Research career breaks - not required for this application.
  • Education - a research education is not a requirement for this call.
  • Additional merits may be included if relevant to confirming the competence of the applicant to organise the meeting. 

Publication list 

  • A maximum of five publications for the applicant and participating researchers can be uploaded, but are not required.


Formas General instructions
Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations

Formas instructions for using Prisma
Prisma user support
Apply for grants (in Prisma)

Contact information 


Lisa Granelli, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 68
Cellphone number: +46 (0)76-654 09 93

Administrative assistance

Kenneth Nilsson, Research Administrator, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 40
Cellphone number: +46 (0)72 718 94 38


Lisa Granelli