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Conferences and workshops

Last day of application: Running 01/10/2015

Day of decision: 06/11/2015

Formas award grants towards the costs of organising conferences and workshops (called “meetings” below) within the areas of responsibility of Fomas. The meeting must have a high level of scientific quality, which must be assured by a scientific board/committee, which must exist and be stated in the application, in addition to the organising committee. Meetings organized in Sweden are prioritized. The grant may be used to cover travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of participants, primarily participants from other countries. Funding from Formas may also be used to support organisational costs (e.g. for the meeting venue).

Salary costs for organizers or for invited speakers/participants are not covered. A doctoral degree is not required in order to apply for funding to organise meetings.

The application must include:
• Information about the scientific purpose of the meeting.
• The preliminary programme for the meeting.
• A description of the scientific committee.
• A list of the invited speakers.
• The anticipated number of participants.
• The time and place of the meeting.
• A detailed budget describing how costs have been calculated and categorized as different financial posts.

The guideline amounts for grant funding are a maximum of SEK 200 000 for a larger conference (more than 200 participants) and a maximum of SEK 30 000 for a smaller workshop (fewer than 30 participants).

When funding is awarded for a meeting it is expected that a representative of Formas is invited to attend the meeting. It is also expected that the arranger announces the meeting in a suitable manner and clearly acknowledges that Formas has provided funding for the event.

The following documents must be included in the application:
• Application form, including the budget and a popular science description.
• Appendix A. Description of the meeting, not exceeding 25 000 characters, including references.
• Appendix B1 and Appendix B2. Budget. Cost calculations for the event and how these costs are divided between the different funding sources must be stated (may not exceed two pages each).
• Appendix C. CV summaries for the project leader and co-applicants (maximum of 8000 characters per person).
• Appendix J (Figures, tables and other illustrations) is optional (may not exceed two pages).

Formas reviews applications for conferences and workshops. Where relevant the applications are also evaluated by external reviewers. Applications may be submitted throughout the year and decisions are made on three occasions each year: June16, September 22 and November 6. Deadline to receive a decision in June will be June1, for September on August 6, and in November, October 1st. Detailed description regarding Formas policy and rules, the application process, as well as information on how applications are assessed can be found in Formas Handbook 2015.

The application is made in Formas’ web based form Formas Direct. Appendix S must be received by Formas no later than five working days after registration in Formas Direct.

Contact persons

Senior research officer:
Hanna Ridefelt, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 25, +46 (0)73 646 27 20

Administrative support:
Kenneth Nilsson, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 40

IT support:
Jan Danielsson, Formas 
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 43 

Hanna Ridefelt