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Communication projects

Last day of application: 19/06/2017

Day of decision: 28/09/2017

Formas announces a grant funding call of 2 MSEK to support communication projects. The subject of the project must lie within Formas areas of responsibility and a maximum of 500 000 SEK will be funded per project. The call will open on May 15, 2017.

Decision list 09 28 2017 (Only in Swedish)

Funding that can be applied for

The purpose of the call is to support projects that communicate and popularize research within Formas areas of responsibility. Communication projects can be development of popular science publications, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, film and video production, digital production or other popular science activities. The subject and communication channel should be in focus of the application.

Size of grant and project duration

The maximum budget that can be applied for is 500 000 SEK. Funding can be used to cover costs related to the communication project, salary funding and for external contractor services. Formas does not allow grants for operational costs for ongoing communication activities, in service training, or projects that mainly concern the teaching normally carried at a higher education institution.
Applications for project funding are for 2017, with a maximum duration of 1 year. If a project will start late in the year, the period for use of funds can be prolonged after an agreement with Formas. After the decision of Formas scientific council, the funds will be distributed as a one-time sum.

Who can apply?

The project leader does not need to have a PhD, but one or more researchers must be attached to the project, or the project needs a scientific committee. The involvement of a communicator or similar competence is recommended. The grant may only be received by grant administering organizations approved by Formas.
The project is carried out by the persons the grant administrating organizations chose, within or outside the organization.

What the application must contain

The application must contain a clear description of the project:

  • Research topic/theme of the communication project
  • Aim and purpose
  • The choice of target group(s) and channel for the communication project
  • The research and the researcher(s)/research committee involved in the project
  • Communication plan and communication competence
  • How the results of the project can be followed

Application in Prisma

Describe the project under the following headlines in Prisma:


A brief and clear description of the project’s content and aim. The abstract must contain information on both the communication channel and the research that is to be communicated.

Project description – relevance and aim of the project

Describe the research subject ant the theme of the communication project. Describe why the project is urgent, that is its purpose and aim. Reflect on equality and diversity in relation to the selected subject and which groups and individuals who are given a chance to be heard. It is also important to describe how the research subject and the project concern one or more of Formas’ areas of responsibility.

Project description – communication channel

Present and discuss the chosen cannel for the communication project, and the target group(s). Describe how channel and target groups match. State if some specific basic equipment is needed for the project, that is available or which funding is sought for. Consider equality and diversity aspects related to the choice of target group and communication channel.

Project description – researcher/scientific committee, communicator and communication plan

Describe the research that the project concerns and the researchers or scientific committee that are part of the project. Give a summary of the scientific competences (publications are given separately, see below) of the researchers involved. Describe the communication plan and the communication competence involved in the project.


  • Salaries, including social-security contributions for each project participant. Full time pensioners cannot be awarded salary funding.
  • State the percentage of activity in the project. This demonstrates if the project participants contribute with services in-kind or have other funding for performing the project.
  • Operating costs.
  • State indirect costs directly in the project budget when additional costs have been entered. Indirect costs are considered to be overhead costs (OH-costs). If costs other than OH-costs are included this must be stated in the project description.
  • The maximum budget is 500 000 SEK. Applications where this sum is exceeded will not be evaluated. Please observe that in Prisma the full sum is written, for example one hundred thousand SEK: 100 000 SEK.


Ethics are only addressed when relevant to the project.


Select the subject area and add a subheading. Then select at least one SCB code with two sub-levels to create the combined code (a maximum of three combined SCB codes can be selected). Finally, select at least one, and at most three, key word(s) that describe the project.

Select at least one, and at most three, of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals that best apply to the project. For more information on the Sustainable Development Goals, please click here.


Generally, no appendices are necessary for the application. Any figures, tables or images can be uploaded as an appendix. An appendix cannot be larger than 4 MB.

Grant administrating organizations

Select your grant administrating organization and add the project department or institute. Read more about Formas requirements for grant administrating organizations below. A registered application will automatically, after the call closes, be forwarded to the grant administrating organization who has seven week days to sign the application.

Review panel

No choice available. The review panel is selected by Formas.


Participating researchers and participating administrators are invited to participate in the application via Prisma.


The following information must be added to the application, it is collected from the applicant’s profile in Prisma:

  • Education – it is mandatory to provide information about education qualifications but research studies at doctoral degree level is not a requirement for application eligibility.
  • Employment - a maximum of 3 employment positions can be linked to the application.
  • Additional merits – provide information about merits that verify communication skills and competence to lead the project.

List of publications

A maximum of 10 scientific and popular science publications for the applicant and participating researchers.

Application evaluation

Communication project applications will be evaluated by a review panel composed of experienced communicators and experts within Formas' areas of responsibility. Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The relevance of the project in relation to the stated target groups – Is the subject relevant for the identified target groups?
  • Scientific quality – How qualified are the contributing researchers, alternatively how strong is the scientific committee connected to the project? Is the research field solid and credible?
  • Level of current research relevance – How relevant is the research that the project builds on?
  • Communicative effectiveness – Is the way the research is to be communicated appropriate? Does it match the target groups?
  • The possibility to carry out the project – Does the project group contain all the necessary competence? Will the funding and time suffice for what is planned?

The call for communication project applications takes place twice per year. An application will not be reviewed more than once per year. All applications with formal errors, such as a budget exceeding 500 000 SEK, will be rejected.

Granted funding

Formas’ scientific council is expected to reach a decision on this call in September 2017. The decision will be made public on and sent out via email from Prisma. Grant award decisions cannot be appealed.

Written statement

All project leaders will receive a written statement as feedback from the review panel. This statement will contain:

  • A grade for each criterion
  • An overall grade
  • A brief written comment

Reporting of projects awarded funding

Each project awarded funding must submit a project report to Formas in the form of a financial summary in compliance with the decision. Read more about this in General instructions for applicants to Formas, below.


Formas General instructions
Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations
Formas instructions for using Prisma
Prisma user support
Apply for grants (in Prisma)

Contact information


Lisa Granelli, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8-775 40 68

Administrative support

Kenneth Nilsson, Research Administrator, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 40