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Communication projects Autumn 2016

Last day of application: 15/06/2016

Day of decision: 27/09/2016

The Swedish Research Council Formas announces a grant funding call of SEK 2 million to support communication projects. The mission of Formas is to promote and support basic research and needs-driven research in the areas of the Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. It is also within the mandate of Formas to be responsible for the dissemination of information about research and research results, as well as the popularization of the research funded by Formas.

Decision list (only in Swedish)

What support can be applied for

Formas welcomes applications concerning communication projects within all of the council's areas of responsibility. The subject and communication channel should be in focus.
Communication projects concern the development of popular science publications, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, film and video production, digital production or other popular science activities.

Guidelines for funding amounts

Formas welcomes applications for small projects, from around SEK 50,000, to medium-sized projects of around SEK 200,000, and also for larger communication projects. The maximum communication project funding amount that can be applied for is SEK 500,000. The maximum project duration is one year.

Grants can be sought for costs related to the communication project, for salary funding and for external contractor services. Formas does not allow grants for operational costs for ongoing communication activities, or for production of teaching materials.

Who can apply

The project leader does not need to have a doctoral degree. The project can be carried out by the people the administrator of the grant selects to be associated with the project, within or external to the grant administrating organisation. Applications for communication projects require the participation of research scientists or a scientific advisory group.
The grant may only be administered by a Swedish university, university college, research institute or authorities with research assignments. Refer also to the Grant administrating organisation section below.

What the application should contain

Applications must include a clear description of the project:

  • the research topic/theme of the communication project
  • aims and objectives
  • the choice of target group(s) and channels for dissemination efforts
  • the research and researchers/scientific advisory groups involved in the project
  • a communication plan
  • how the project results will be evaluated by the applicant

For further information refer to the following section: Application in Prisma, Project information

Evaluation of the application

Communication project applications will be evaluated by a review panel composed of experienced communicators and experts within the subject areas that are the responsibility of Formas.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
the relevance of the project in relation to the stated target groups

  • scientific quality
  • level of current research relevance
  • suitability of purpose for dissemination of information
  • competence to carry out the project according to plan
  • budget feasibility in relation to project design and anticipated results

Granted funding

The Formas Scientific Council is expected to reach its decisions in June 2016. Decisions will be announced by the following day on the Formas website. Grant award decisions cannot be appealed.

Written statement

All project leaders receive a written statement as feedback from the review panel. This consists of

  • the assessment of each criteria
  • the overall assessment
  • written comments summary

Reporting of projects awarded funding

Each project awarded funding must submit a project report to Formas in the form of a financial and popular science summary in compliance with the decision. Read more about this using the link General instructions for applicants to Formas, see below.

Important dates

The call closes on 15 juni 2016 at 2 pm. Please note the deadline time!

Applications will be processed during June to August 2016.
Decisions will be announced on 27 September (provisional date).

Application i Prisma

The application may be written in English or Swedish. If the application requires external review a Swedish project description may be translated into English by Formas.

Basic information

Applications for project funding are for 2016, with a maximum project duration of 1 year.

Project information

In the application the project is described under three headings:

  • Project description – relevance and objectives of the project

In this section the research topic and theme of the communication effort is described, as well as why there is a need to carry out the project, in other words the purpose and objectives of the communication project. It is also important to describe how the research topic and project are associated with one or more of the areas of responsibility of Formas.

  • Project description – communication channel

The target groups for the project are described in this section. The channel for the communication effort is presented and discussed. State also if any specific basic equipment is required for the project, if this is available or if funding is intended to be sought for this. Be thorough in considering gender aspects where relevant.

  • Project description – researchers/scientific advisory group and communication plan

Provide a description of the research and the researchers or scientific advisory group involved in the project in this section, as well as a brief summary of their scientific competence (scientific CV summary, not publications as these are submitted separately, see below).

The communication plan is described in this section, as well as how the communication project will be evaluated by the applicant; in other words how the success of the project will be determined with regard to the purpose and objectives of the project.


In the application the funding amounts applied for are described according to the following

  • Salaries, including social-security contributions (in whole numbers of SEK) for each project participant. Pensioners cannot be awarded salary funding.
  • State the proportion of activity in the project. This demonstrates if the project participants contribute with services in-kind or have other funding for performing the project.
  • Operating costs
  • State indirect costs directly in the project budget (in whole numbers of SEK) when additional costs have been entered. Indirect costs are considered to be overhead costs (OH-costs). If costs other than OH-costs are included this must be stated in the project description.

Ethical considerations

These are stated only when relevant to the performance of the project. Read more using the link General instructions for applicants to Formas, see below.


Select the subject area and add a subheading. Then select at least one SCB code with two sub-levels to create the combined code (a maximum of three combined SCB codes can be selected). Finally, select at least one, and at most three, key word(s) that describe the project.


In general the application does not require appendices. If the applicant believes that the project must be described using figures, tables or images that are difficult to include in the project description, an appendix may be uploaded. The attachment may not be larger than 4 MB.

Grant administrating organisation

Select your grant administrating organisation and add the project department or institute. Read more using the link Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations, see below.

  • Approved grant administrating organisations are listed in a selectable menu field in Prisma. If your educational institution is not included in the list, contact your institution as it must create an organisation account in Prisma.
  • When your application is registered your administrating organisation will automatically receive your application for approval. The administrating organisation then has seven days (including Saturday and Sunday) to assign your application to an authorized representative for signature.

Review panels

No choice available. The review panel is selected by Formas.


Participating researchers (previously co-applicants) and participating administrators are invited to participate in the application via Prisma. Important considerations when inviting other participants are:

  • The participant his/herself must be registered in Prisma.
  • The email address of the participant must be the same address registered for the participant in Prisma.


Information relevant to the application is connected from the applicant's profile. No separate CV PDF-file is uploaded for this application. The applicant must however link information from his/her profile to the application by clicking Edit and connecting

  • Education – it is mandatory to provide information about education qualifications but research studies at doctoral degree level is not a requirement for application eligibility.
  • Employment - a maximum of 3 employment positions can be linked to the application
  • Additional merits – provide information about merits that verify communication skills and competence to lead the project.
  • Postdoctoral positions – not relevant for this call.
  • Research exchange positions – not relevant for this call.
  • Research career breaks – not relevant for this call.

Publication list

A maximum of 10 scientific and popular science publications for the applicant and participating researchers.


Formas General instructions
Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations
Formas instructions for using Prisma
Prisma user support
Apply for grants (in Prisma)

Contact information

For questions about the content of the call, or about how to complete the application forms, or questions about grant administrating organisations, contact the responsible Senior Research Officer.


Kristina Laurell, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 59

Administrative assistance

Kenneth Nilsson, Research Administrator, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 40
Cellphone number: +46 (0)72 718 94 38

IT support

Prisma IT support

Kristina Laurell