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Communication projects

Last day of application: 11/12/2017

Day of decision: 11/04/2018

Decision published. Formas announces available grant funding of SEK 2 million to fund communication projects. The topic of the communication project must lie within Formas’ areas of responsibility and the maximum that can be granted is SEK 500 000 per project. The call opens on 30th October 2017 and closes on 11th December 2017 at 2 pm.

Decision list 11-04-2018 (Only in Swedish).

What funding can be applied for?

The purpose of the call is to support projects that communicate and popularise research and research results within Formas’ areas of responsibility. Projects that concern the communication of research in general, with no connection to specific research areas, are not included in the focus of the call. The communication project may be about the development of popular science publications, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, film and video productions, digital productions or other popular science activities. Both the topic and the communication channel must be emphasised in the application. Formas will not grant funding for running costs for continuous communication efforts, or for internal courses or projects that primarily concern the educational activities offered by an education institution.

Funding amounts and project duration

The maximum communication project budget that can be applied for is SEK 500 000. Funding can be sought for costs related to the communication project, funding for salary and for costs to commission external services.

Project funding can be sought for 2018 and the maximum project duration is one year. If the project starts late in the year, an arrangement to extend the grant period may be reached with Formas. After the Formas Scientific Council has made its decisions, the grant will be paid out in a single lump sum.

Who can apply?

The project leader does not need to have a doctoral degree, but one or more research scientists must be included in the project group, or the project must have a scientific advisory board. The participation of a communicator, or a person with similar competence is recommended.

Grants can only be administered by organisations approved by Formas as grant administrating organisations. The project may be carried out by the people the grant administrating organisation chooses to link to the project, within or external to the grant administrating organisation. If you cannot find your organisation among the grant administrating organisations in Prisma, contact the Senior Research Officer or Senior Research Administrator responsible for the call (see below for contact details) and state the organisation you belong to and the grant you would like to apply for.

What the application must contain

The application must include a clear description of the project:

  • The research topic/theme of the communication project.
  • The goals and objectives.
  • The target group(s) and channels selected for communication efforts.
  • The research that the project must communicate and the research scientist(s)/scientific advisory board included in the project.
  • The communication plan and the competence of the communicators.
  • How the results of the project will be followed up.

Application in Prisma

The application must be submitted in the Prisma application system. A personal account in Prisma is needed to be able to create an application. Describe the project under the following headings in Prisma:


A concise and explicit description of the content and objectives of the project. The summary must include information both about the communication channel and the research that must be communicated.

Project description – relevance of the goals and the objectives of the project

Describe the research topic and theme of the communication efforts. Describe why it is important to carry out the project, or in other words the goals and objectives. Reflect on equality and diversity in relation to the choice of subject matter and when groups and individuals who will have a say are involved. It is also important to describe how the research topic and project is associated with one or more of the Formas areas of responsibility.

Project description – communication channels

Present and discuss the channels that will be used for communication efforts and the project's targets groups. Describe how the channel suits the target group. State also if any specific basic equipment is required for the project, if this is already available or if funding is being sought for this. Be thorough in considering equality and diversity in regard to in the choice of target group and communication channel.

Project description – research scientists/scientific advisory board, communicator and communication plan

Describe the research that the project is about and the research scientist(s), or alternatively scientific advisory board, involved in the project. Provide a brief summary of the scientific competence of the research scientist or scientists (publications are listed separately, see below). Describe the project’s communication plan and any communicator competence participating in the project.


  • State the salary, including social-security contributions and salary cost amounts for each project participant. Researchers who are full-time pensioners cannot receive grant funding for their own salary.
  • State the proportion of activity in the project. This demonstrates if the project participants contribute with services in-kind or have other funding for performing the project.
  • Running costs.
  • State indirect costs directly in the project budget when additional costs have been entered. Indirect costs are considered to be overhead costs (OH-costs). If costs are included that are not OH-costs these costs must be specified in the project description.
  • The maximum budget is SEK 500 000. Applications that exceed this amount will be rejected without evaluation. Note that in Prisma the entire amount applied for is written out in full, for example one hundred thousand SEK is entered as SEK 100 000.

Ethical considerations

Ethical aspects are described only when relevant to the performance of the project.


Select the subject area and add a subtitle. Then select at least one SCB code with two sub-levels to create the combined code. Select at least one, but at most three, key words to describe the project.

Select at least one, but at most three, of the Global Sustainable Development Goals that best apply to the project. Information about the Global Sustainable Development Goals.


In general no application appendices are required. Any diagrams, tables or images can be uploaded as an attachment. Attachment file sizes cannot exceed 4 MB.

Grant administrating organisations

Select your grant administrating organisation and add the project department or unit where the project is based. Find out more about the requirements of Formas for grant administrating organisations by clicking on the link below. A registered application is automatically sent to the grant administrating organisation for approval when the call closes. The administrating organisation then has seven calendar days to sign the application.

Review panels

These cannot be selected. The review panel will be selected by Formas.


Participating researchers and administrators are invited to participate in the application via Prisma.


The following information must be included in the application. The information is sourced from the applicant’s profile in Prisma.

  • Education – it is mandatory to include basic education qualifications, but the applicant does not need to have research qualifications with a degree at doctoral level.
  • Employment – a maximum of 3 employment positions can be included.
  • Additional merits – merits that support communication competence and ability to lead the project.

Publication list

A maximum of 10 publications, both scientific and popular science publications, for the applicant and participating researchers.

Evaluation of the application

Communication project applications are assessed by an evaluation panel comprised of experienced communicators and experts within the Formas areas of responsibility.
The application will be assessed according to the following criteria with regard to the project’s:

  • Relevance in relation to the stated target groups – Is the project topic relevant to the target groups identified?
  • Scientific quality – How well merited are the participating researchers, or alternatively how strong is the scientific advisory board associated with the project? Is the research field comprehensive and credible?
  • Timeliness of the research – How topical is the research the project is based on?
  • Communicative practicality – Is the way that the research will be communicated suitable for the purpose? Does it suit the target group?
  • Project feasibility – Do the people in the project possess the competence required? Will the funding/duration be sufficient for the planned activities? Can the goals of the project be achieved?

Calls for communication projects are announced twice each year. All applications that do not meet the formal criteria, for example a budget in excess of SEK 500 000, will be rejected.

Granted funding

The Formas Scientific Council is expected to make its decisions in April 2018. The decisions will be published no later than the day after on the Formas website and will be sent out by Email from Prisma. Decisions about grant awards cannot be appealed.

Written statement

All project leaders will receive a written statement with the opinions of the evaluation panel. This consists of:

  • The points score for each criterion.
  • The overall score.
  • A written comments summary.

Reporting of funded projects

All funded projects must provide a final report to Formas in the form of a financial and popular science summary in accordance with the predetermined procedure. The popular science summary must include a description of how the project has fulfilled its objectives and provide support for this. Find out more about in Formas General Instructions.


Formas General Instructions
Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations
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Contact information

Responsible Senior Research Officer

Lisa Granelli, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46(0)8 775 40 68

Administrative assistance

Kenneth Nilsson, Senior Research Administrator, Formas
Telephone: +46(0)8 775 40 40

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