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Communication projects

Last day of application: 01/09/2015

Day of decision: 06/11/2015

Formas funds communication projects. The budget for this call is 3 MSEK. Formas has the task of promoting and supporting basic research and needs-driven research in the areas of Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. The mission of Formas also includes responsibility for research communication as well as for popularization of research being funded by Formas.

Decision list 2015-11-05



Hanna Zetterberg, chairman
Strategic communication, SE

Annika Egan Sjölander, Docent
Umeå university, SE

Mats Heide, Professor
Lund university, SE

Hans Linderholm, Professor
University of Gothenburg, SE

Ola Olsson, Docent
Lund university, SE

Nina Ryd, Docent
Chalmers university of technology

The Call

Formas welcomes applications concerning communication projects in all the council's areas of responsibility. Subject and communication channel should be in focus.

Communication projects concern the development of popular science publications, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, film and video production, digital production or other popular science activities. Formas welcomes small projects (approx. 25.000 SEK) as well as medium sized projects (approz. 80.000 SEK) and major projects. The maximum budget for a communication project is 500.000 SEK. maximun project duration is one year.

Funds can be applied for costs related to the project such as funds for salaries and for external contractors. Formas does not allow grants for ongoing communication activities, or for production of teaching materials.

Grants can only be administrated by Swedish universities, university colleges, research institutes or authorities with research assignments.

A review panel composed of experienced communicators and subject experts will evaluate the applications for communication projects.


The project leader must not have a PhD degree. The project can be implemented by the staff that the grant administrating organization chooses to associate with the project. Application to communication projects require the participation of researcher or a scientific council.


Applications should clearly describe:

  •  The choice of research topic for the communication effort and why it is important
  • How the research topic and project relate to Formas' areas of responsibility
  • Purpose and objectives of the communication effort
  • The choice of target audiences and channel for the communication effort
  • What research and what researchers/scientific advisory group are included in the project
  • How the projects will be implemented, i.e. include a communication plan for the implementation of the project
  • How the project results will be evaluated by the applicant (group), i.e. how the applicant will receive feedback from the project.

The applications should also consist of:

  • A detailed budget (Appendix B1 and B2). The total project budget must be presented, not just the portion sought from Formas
  • The applicants CV and publication list.

The application can be written in Swedish or in English.

Formas Handbook for Communication Projects 2015 contains a detailed description of Formas' policy, rules and application procedure, as well as information about the evaluation process.

The application is made in Formas' web based system Formas Direct, and must include:

Appendix A (Project program, a maximum of 18 000 characters)
Appendix B1 (Budget, template can be downloaded in Formas Direct)
Appendix B2 (Comments on the budget, a maximum of 2 pages)
Appendix C (CV, a maximum of 8000 characters per applicant).
Appendix D (list of publications, a maximum of 8000 characters per applicant)

All appendices above are required in the application.

The call closes and applications must be registered in Formas Direct by midnight 1 September 2015. Technical support is open until 4:00 pm on the last day of application.

The signed Appendix S must be received by Formas no later than Wednesday 9 September 2015.

Decisions are made by the Formas Scientific Council based on recommendations of the review panel. Decisions about grant awards are not subject to appeal.

The project leader for project awarded funding must submit a financial report and a popular science summary in both Swedish and English, according to the contract and the advices in Formas Handbook for Communication Projects 2015.

Revised 2015-06-08

Contact persons

Senior research officer:
Kristina Laurell, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 59

Administrative support:
Kenneth Nilsson, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 40

IT support:
Jan Danielsson, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 43

Kristina Laurell