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Apply for grant within the Indo-Swedish Research Collaboration

Last day of application: 03/11/2015

Day of decision: 29/02/2016

The Swedish Research Council, Formas, Vinnova and the Department of Science and technology, Ministry of Science and technology in India have opened a joint call for networking grants within the two fields antimicrobial resistance and e-Science for life science. Last day for applications is November 3 in Sweden and November 10 in India.

The proposals should be made jointly by researchers active in Sweden and India. The grant period will be two years with about 250 000–350 000 SEK/year to the Swedish part and app 1.75 million INR/year to the Indian part. The Swedish part of the grant may primarily grants be used for networking activities including short visits and workshops.Research within these two areas will be funded;

  • e-Science for Life science, research addressing big research questions of high complexity within the life science field that require the use  modern high performance  information technology.
  • Antimicrobial resistance in a ‘One health’ perspective, research on antimicrobial resistance in all aspects of  medicine and health care, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, food and the environment.

Deadline for applications is November 3 in Sweden and November 10 in India.

To the call text Indo-Swedish Research Collaboration.

Karin Önneby