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Animal protection and animal welfare -promoting measures

Last day of application: 26/05/2016

Day of decision: 10/11/2016

The Swedish Research Council Formas, in consultation with the Swedish Board of Agriculture, announces a funding call for research projects in the areas of animal welfare and animal welfare-promoting measures. The call aims to support research projects for 3 years (2016-2018) and total funding will be SEK 54 million over three years, of which 18 million will be used for projects in the field of animal welfare promotion. Animal welfare-promoting measures are identified as measures with the aim of demonstrating how the welfare and situation of animals can actively be improved. Applications are to be made via Prisma and the call closes 2016-05-26 at 14:00.

Decision list

Panel members

  • Anna Valros, Helsingfors Universitet
  • Erika Brendov, Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund
  • Björn Forkman, Köpenhamns universitet
  • Merete Fredholm, Köpenhamns universitet
  • Margit Bak Jensen, Århus universitet
  • Kate Millar, Nottingham University
  • Randi Oppermann Moe, Norges veterinärhögskola
  • Lotta Nordensten, Jordbruksverket
  • Päivi Rajala-Schultz, Helsingfors Universitet


The Governmental Bill 2012/13.30; Research and Innovation stated that the challenges in developing sustainable production in the agricultural sector include the need to strengthen the knowledge-base concerning animal welfare. Furthermore, it is important that ethical and political discussions are based on scientific grounds, and that laws on animal protection are based on scientific fact.

There are several research areas of significance. An example is the shift to fewer and larger units in the agricultural sector, increasing the need for research in order to ensure a sustainable production with good animal welfare. It may include identification of biomarkers for nutrition, health and welfare but also studies on the basic needs and behavior of animals. With a changing climate and an increasing globalization further awareness is also required in the field of infectious diseases.

Funds can be sought for projects on animals cared for by humans, permanently or for a limited period of time. The projects must have an explicit and clear relevance for the welfare for the particular animal species the application concerns. Projects in the area of animal welfare-enhancing measures must demonstrate how the situation and welfare of the animals actively can be enhanced by the project.

Research associated to animal welfare could also address consumption as for instance consumer behavior and policy issues. Formas encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, if these are applicable for the area.

Note: Projects concerning animal welfare promotion measures should aim to investigate and (through the execution of the project) contribute to the development of implementation of measures to actively improve the animal welfare situation and/or strengthen animal protection. There may be projects with components of both animal welfare and animal welfare promoting measures. It must therefore be clear from the project description if the whole or parts of the project falls within the framework of animal welfare promotion.

How much can be applied for?

For projects within the frame of animal welfare a benchmark of approximately 2 million per year and project is set. Funding applications for projects in the field of animal welfare promotion measures may be lower than the benchmark and the projects less extensive than for animal welfare. It must, however, clearly have been motivated that projects fall within the framework of welfare-promoting measures (see above).

Formas general criteria

Important information about Formas general criteria for applications is available on our website. The applicant is advised to read carefully both the call text above and the information published on the Formas website and linked below.

Application in Prisma

The call is implemented in the application and case management system Prisma. Those who intend to apply for the call, both as the main applicant or co-applicant, can already create a personal account and register the data in their personal profile.

Important information

Funded projects will be granted in November 2016. However, starting date for projects is 2016-01-01 and the date is not possible to change. Funded projects will automatically get one year prolonged disposition of funding after the project concludes.

Please note that last day for signing awarded projects in Prisma is 2016-11-30. Both applicants and corresponding grant administrating organisation should log in and sign “Approval of terms”.


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Contact information


For specific questions relating to the call please contact:

Anna Vikström, Senior Research Officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8-775 40 00

Mattias Norrby, Senior research officer, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8-775 40 21

Berit Lundquist, Application Manager, Formas
Phone: +46 (0)8-775 40 56

Anna Vikström