Given decision

C-IPM has gathered partners from 18 countries for its second joint call for transnational research projects

Last day of application: 01/06/2016

Day of decision: Preliminary 20/12/2016

You can find details about the call in the final announcement and in the guidelines at the c-ipm's web pages.

All relevant information on the scope of the call, topics selected for funding, countries involved, budget, application procedure, calendar, description of the consortia to apply, criteria used for the evaluation of the project(s) and contact details can be downloaded from c-ipm's web pages.

The call includes the following topics:
CLUSTER A: Preventive and sustainable (pest) management
Subtopic A2: "Integrated, sustainable and resilient Cropping systems" (RESCROPS).
Subtopic A3: "Innovative and new pest monitoring tools and Decision Support Systems" (INNO-DSS).

CLUSTER B: Alternative and innovative control.
Subtopic B1: "Innovative direct biological control methods in holistic IPM approach" (INDIBICOM-IPM).
Subtopic B2: "Pests resistance management" (PRM)
(the term pests includes: arthropods, bacteria, fungi, insects, phytoplasma, viruses, weeds)

CLUSTER C: IPM in Minor Crops.
Subtopic C2: "IPM for Delia/Psila flies" (cabbage root fly and carrot fly)
Subtopic C4: "Fruitflies in stone fruits, pome fruits, berries and small fruits; Drosophila suzukii and others fruitflies"
Subtopic C5: "Mites (spider, rusts and bud) in berries and small fruits"
Subtopic C7: "Control of thrips and whiteflies on protected crops"
Subtopic C11: "Diseases in Stone fruits" (DISton).

Interested project consortia should apply to one or more topics, which will be funded according national priorities (see table Annex A and Annex D).

Note! Sweden has priority for the topics under clusters A and B, however topics in cluster C that are part of a proposal covering topics of clusters A and/or B are also fundable.
National budget for this call is a total of 1 000.000 € (Note! Decisions are made in Swedish crowns, and total call budget cannot exceed 10 000.000 SEK). The maximum grant for Swedish participation is 300.000€ per proposal (100.000€/yr). Swedish partners are encouraged to take leading roles in the projects.

The call follow a two-step process (pre-proposals - full proposals) and is open for pre-proposals 1 April to 1 June 2016 (15:00 CET). Projects are expected start January - March 2017.

Registration and applications are made at the C-IPM Spanish partner's INIA's application platform.

Contact information


Jan Svensson, Senior Research Officier, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 51

Karin Önneby, Senior Research Officier, Formas
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 22

Jan Svensson