Formas' annual open call


New review panels for the Annual Open Call

Formas has decided to update the review panels for the Annual Open Call 2017. We are revising the topic subcategories to ensure quality and to more closely align the panels with the global sustainable development goals. At the same time the evaluation panels will increase in number from eight to ten.

This revision is one of the ways that Formas is endeavouring to make it easier for natural science, humanities and social science researchers to understand how their specific research can receive funding from Formas. The Annual Open Call is the largest Formas funding call for applications within the Council's three responsibility areas – Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning.

The work of establishing the new evaluation panels has been carried out under the leadership of Gia Destouni, who until the end of September 2016 was the Formas Secretary General. Now Markku Rummukainen, Formas Secretary General since 1 December 2016, will manage and continue the development efforts. 

“It is of course possible to divide things up in many different ways. It depends on what you want to achieve. Now we are implementing these changes and will evaluate them after we see how they function,” he says.

The new review panels for the Formas Annual Open Call.

UN global sustainable development goals (in Swedish).

Elisabet Blomberg