Strategic innovation programmes

Strategic innovation programmes are funding initiatives where leading actors from commerce, academia and the public sector identify and define areas where they see a need to focus Swedish competence and joint efforts.

In such initiatives prominent Swedish companies, authorities, universities and university colleges have the possibility to improve collaboration by joining forces. Actors within the strategic innovation programmes are collectively responsible for formulating the challenges to be addressed, establishing joint long-term goals and prioritising the investments made in research, development and innovation.

Through collaborations that bridge research and societal boundaries within areas that are strategically important for Sweden, the prerequisites are created for determining sustainable solutions to global challenges facing society and for improved international competitiveness. The Swedish Government has tasked Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas to carry out funding initiatives that are open to all.

Two types of funding are available within Strategic innovation areas:

  • Strategic innovation agendas, where a group of actors collectively define visions, goals and strategies for the development of a specific area. Some of the more than 100 agendas have been granted funding and provides the basis for strategic innovations programmes. Read more about the agendas on the Vinnova website.
  • Strategic innovation programme, which is intended to support the implementation of strategic innovation agendas and comprises projects and other activities that contribute to the visions and goals of the agendas. For more information about programmes that have been granted funding see the information available on the Vinnova website.


Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish research council Formas jointly finance a total of 17 strategic innovation programmes. The strategic innovation programme Smart Built Environment is administered and coordinated by Formas. Funding to establish and carry out strategic innovation programmes is announced through open calls on the funding organisations' websites.

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