Recurrent and continuous funding

Formas announces recurrent calls for grants to support the organising of conferences and workshops and for communication projects. Urgent grants can be applied for throughout the year. These grants are described in general terms here, but the applicant should always follow the instructions in the individual call text when submitting an application. Formas urgent grant is available annually.

Conferences and workshops

Formas can cover costs in connection with the organisation of conferences and workshops. The meeting must be of relevance to the areas of responsibility of Formas and is evaluated based on the composition of the scientific committee, the international context of the conference, the advancement of novelty within the research area, and the value of the conference for communication and collaboration within the area.

A Doctoral degree is not required in order to apply for funding to organise conferences and workshops.

During 2017 we are changing the format of the call in order to be able to keep it open continuously. At present it is unclear when the call will re-open.

See information about the current calls.

Contact person for Conferences and workshops

Kenneth Nilsson
Telephone: +46 (0)8 775 40 40

Communication projects

The purpose of Formas communication projects is to disseminate knowledge resulting from research within the areas of responsibility of Formas. Grants for the development of popular science publications, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, film and video production, digital production or other popular science activities can be applied for. A Doctoral degree is not required in order to apply for funding for communication projects.

Decisions about funding are taken on two occasions each year.

See information about the current calls.

Contact person for Communication projects

Alexander Fälldin
Telephone: +46 (0)8-775 40 65

Cathrine Beijer
Telephone: +46 (0)8-775 40 31

Urgent grants to secure access to data

An urgent grant application can be submitted for any scientific discipline; the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technological sciences, and may also include interdisciplinary approaches, when there is an urgent need to secure future access to data (such as research data or collecting samples) or other research material (such as interviews or participatory observations). The urgent need to secure access to data/research material must be based on a phenomenon or a recently identified situation that could not be anticipated in advance and will not occur again.

The applicant must have a doctoral degree. Other staff members participating in the project do not need to have a doctoral degree. The grant administrator may only be a Swedish university, university college or official Swedish organisation that fulfils the Formas requirements for a grant administrator. Formas urgent grant is available annually and can be applied for throughout the year.

See information about the current calls.

Contact person for Urgent grants

Kenneth Nilsson
Telephone: +46 (0)8-775 40 40

Kristina Laurell