Travel Routines and Policy

Each individual traveller makes his/her own arrangements. Please, contact your travel agency in good time in order to make it as efficient as possible due to time, cost and environmental considerations.

Means and mode of transport

Each traveller is responsible for choosing the most suitable mode of transport.
Air travel should normally be in economy class or corresponding. If the traveller prefers to go by train in order to cut the costs, business class will be accepted. You may use your own car if it is the cheapest mode of travel. You will be reimbursed for the number of kilometres driven – the compensation is currently SEK 1.85 per kilometre*.

Travelling by taxi is generally expensive, but by planning ahead the costs can be considerably reduced. The airport bus or Arlanda Express train should be the primary choice. Taxi may be used if you are travelling with heavy luggage. (Note: Use authorized taxi companies only, such as Taxi-Kurir, Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 Transfer, otherwise the risk of a doubled or tripled fare is quite high).


Accommodation in connection with the evaluation panel meetings are arranged for by the Swedish Research Council Formas according to the information you give upon inquiry. Should you need additional accommodation before or after the meeting, you must give this information at the same time. If you wish to stay longer than the meeting requires, or will be accompanied by spouse, it will be on your own expense.

Travel claims and reimbursement of expenses

A form for expenses related to your travel is found on our web site and should be used for reimbursements from Formas. Please note link on the end of this page. One trip only should be reported for each travel claim. The travel claim must contain all details needed in order to arrange for reimbursement of expenses. Send your signed travel claim, together with original receipts, vouchers, train- and air tickets (boarding passes) to your administrative support at Formas.

For minor expenses during the journey you may be reimbursed up to the amount of SEK 220 per day*, which is the tax-free amount according the fiscal legislation. We appreciate if the travel claims are expressed in one currency.

Download the Reimbursement form

*The tax free amount for residents in Sweden and EEA-countries according to the Swedish fiscal legislation (2018).

Kajsa Ljung