Formas mission

What we do

Formas is a Swedish Research Council for sustainable development. We work with research funding, strategy, assessment and analysis as well as research communication.

Formas is funding research of highest scientific quality and of relevance for our areas of responsibility through various calls. In total, we distribute 1,3 billion SEK to different research projects every year.

We allocate about half of our means through our annual open call, where researchers identify research needs within our areas of responsibility: Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. This means research within areas such as Climate, Circular economy, Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Urban planning. The other half of our research means goes to national and international calls that focus on specific research areas. How the funds are allocated is decided by Formas’ Scientific Council, our decision-making body.   

We assess the research and development projects that we finance and assist the government with input to their research policy.

We communicate research and research results to the public through e.g. our web magazine Extrakt (in Swedish), our digital channels and breakfast seminars.

From 2018, we have a new mission from the government to build up and develop evidence-based environmental analyses to support the work with reaching the Swedish environmental goals. The mission is directed by its own council, the Council for evidence-based environmental analyses.

From 2018, Formas will also host and support the secretariat of the Swedish Climate Policy Council. The task of the council is to evaluate how the policy of the Swedish government is compatible with the Swedish climate goals.

Formas work is based on our vision and mission.


  • Knowledge builds a sustainable world


  • We enable research for a sustainable development

The work of Formas is directed both by a General Instruction (in Swedish) and two Appropriation Directives; one from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (in Swedish) and one from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation (in Swedish).

Elisabet Blomberg