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Swedish Climate Policy Council

The Swedish Climate Policy Council started its activities in January 2018. The Climate Policy Council is an independent scientific council with the task to assess if the overall policy of the Government is compatible with the climate goals. The secretariat is placed at the research council Formas.

More information about the Swedish Climate Policy Council can be found at the web site:

In short

On January 1st, 2018, the Swedish Climate Act came into force. Sweden also got new climate goals. Together with the climate law and the climate goals, the Climate Policy Council forms the Swedish Climate Policy framework.

The council is an independent expert authority. The members analyse the development, assess current efforts and give advice to the government. They also contribute to the public discussion about climate policy.

Read the council's annual report 2018: "Det klimatpolitiska ramverket - rapport 2018" (In Swedish with English summary)

Contact information 

Sofia Rickberg